Printable thankyou notes

As I’ve mentioned before, I feel like handwritten cards are having a bit of a moment among my group of friends. Last year alone I went to five weddings (including my own), five rehearsal dinners, five bridal showers, five bachelorette parties, two baby showers, one funeral, and about a hundred birthday parties for kids of all ages. That’s a lot of thank yous, we’d be delighteds, today is your days, wishing you the bests, you are in our thoughts, and mazeltovs!

(My spell checker is really having a hard time with that last sentence)

Aside from the ones I sent after my own wedding — I do better with deadlines — I find Thank You cards the hardest to successfully complete. Not that I can’t find words of gratitude, but that the time to obtain them, start them, and actually mail them just gets slippery and elusive. I think something like these “Thanks for Being Awesome” printable cards from Yellow Bliss Road is incredibly useful in that regard because you can use them in a number of contexts, so the barriers to starting that note drop just a little.

In this case the cards were part of a spontaneous gift to some deserving teachers and administrators, but why not make it into a birthday card or a wedding thank you at the same time?

Source: Free Printable Thank You Notes – Yellow Bliss Road