Here’s the trouble with being a designer: you can’t leave your work at the office. If your business is visual communication, there’s always an ad, or a cereal box, or a commercial on tv, or a ticket stub, or a fabric print that catches your eye. Something as trivial as the kerning on the label of the wine at the restaurant can pull me out of the present moment and drive me slowly crazy.*

The antidote to this affliction for me has been to wage a war against packaging in the spaces I occupy the most. In the kitchen, for example, I decant everything — flour, sugar, salt, nuts, dried fruit, coffee, oatmeal, spices, loose tea, and even dishwasher tablets — into a well-loved set of IKEA jars that sit along the backsplash. (They, in turn, serve to cover up the super ill-advised decorative fruit tiles my landlord thought would give him a great return on his investment.) Think of it as a hyperbaric chamber for the typographically inclined.

I introduce labels and other organizing tools with extreme caution, so these printable kitchen label decals (with a great tutorial on how to print and apply them) from The Painted Hive strike the perfect balance of being clean and neutral but not boring.

* True story. I can still bring into my mind’s eye the bottles of Hob Nob Pinot Noir we drank on my 30th birthday — and not for the fun reasons. Thankfully they’ve fixed that one in the ensuing six years.

Source: The Painted Hive | MAGIC Decal Tutorial with Free Printables!