These irreverent mother’s day cards from Brit + Co definitely had me giggling helplessly — at a wedding, no less, where I probably should not have been on my phone. They’re sure to do the same for your mom!

Aside from being witty, the typography is just great. There are a lot of bad ways to treat loopy, scripty fonts, and this is one of the good ones — let the type to the talking, lose most or all of the ornamentation, and use modern color combinations to keep things from getting too twee.

Another nice part of these designs is that these are colors that typical household printers won’t massacre, and there’s no bleed to confound your paper cutting skills. I’m cooking up a post about the best way to produce printable cards at home so that they look professional, and these just might be my guinea pigs.

Source: 8 Printable “Yo Mama” Cards *YO* Mom Will Love for Mother’s Day | Brit + Co