I am not much of a gift card person, but I make one exception for Starbucks cards. When I am teaching I often work up lectures at coffee shops before or after the regular work day, and I happen to live around the corner from a Starbucks that boasts huge long work tables with built in power outlets, non-annoying music playing, and clean bathrooms! This is pretty much the holy grail of freelancers.

So a printable that makes it cute and easy to give me more Starbucks cards (did I mention they are really easy to consolidate?) makes me a happy lady. This printable from Yellow Bliss Road includes a gift card, an envelope, and a little insert that you can attach the card to!

I know a ton of people who feel guilty giving gift cards as presents, like somehow they didn’t work hard enough and so the gift is less worthy. It feels like going to the effort of wrapping it like this could mitigate that feeling, no?


Plus, tiny envelopes. Duh.

Source: Free Printable Birthday Gift Card Envelopes – Yellow Bliss Road